Bendigo Bridge Club

The 'Bendigo Bridge Club' home is the Long Gully Community Centre at 23-29 Havilah Rd, Long Gully, Monday & Friday sessions, 1:30 pm start time, Wednesday 7:30pm. With Tuesday's supervised session at the Quarry Hill Croquet club, 7:15 pm start.

The Bridge Club has started Bridge Lessons, 7:30 pm on Thursdays till mid December, at Long Gully, conducted by Peter Marley. Contact Kevin 0407 823 373 All welcome

The Bridge Club will be holding Bridge Workshops, at Long Gully, starting 23rd October. If interested, Contact either Kevin or Peter Goddard. All welcome

Bridge Club mobile phone No 0477 905 340

Club Contacts and Meeting Times

Calendar of Upcoming Club Events
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Current Results

Day Date Results Notes
Tuesday 21 October Tuesday Pairs
Monday 20 October Club Pairs
Friday 17 October Club Pairs
Wednesday 15 October Champion Teams (3of3)
Tuesday 14 October Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 14 October Tuesday Pairs
Monday 13 October Nationwide Pairs Nationwide Pairs Site
Friday 10 October Club Pairs
Wednesday 08 October Champion Teams (2of3)
Tuesday 07 October Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 07 October Tuesday Pairs
Monday 06 October Club Pairs
Friday 03 October Club Pairs
Wednesday 01 October Champion Teams (1of3)
Tuesday 30 September Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 30 September Tuesday Pairs
Monday 29 September Club Pairs
Friday 26 September Club Pairs
Wednesday 24 September Club Pairs
Tuesday 23 September Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 23 September Tuesday Pairs
Monday 22 September Club Pairs
Friday 19 September Club Pairs
Wednesday 17 September Club Pairs
Tuesday 16 September Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 16 September Tuesday Pairs
Monday 15 September Club Pairs
Friday 12 September Club Pairs
Wednesday 10 September Club Pairs
Tuesday 09 September Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 09 September Tuesday Pairs
Monday 08 September Club Pairs
Friday 05 September Club Pairs
Wednesday 03 September Nationwide Pairs Nationwide Pairs Site
Tuesday 02 September Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 02 September Tuesday Pairs
Monday 01 September Club Pairs
Friday 29 August Club Pairs
Wednesday 27 August Club Pairs
Tuesday 19 August Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 26 August Tuesday Pairs
Monday 25 August Australia-Wide Open Pairs Australia-Wide Open Pairs Site
Friday 22 August Club Pairs
Wednesday 20 August Club Pairs
Tuesday 19 August Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 19 August Tuesday Pairs
Monday 18 August Club Pairs
Friday 15 August Club Pairs
Wednesday 13 August Club Pairs
Tuesday 12 August Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 12 August Tuesday Pairs
Monday 11 August Club Pairs
Friday 08 August Club Pairs
Thursday 07 August Supervised Play
Wednesday 06 August Club Pairs
Tuesday 05 August Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 05 August Tuesday Pairs
Monday 04 August Club Pairs
Friday 01 August Nationwide Pairs Nationwide Pairs Site
Wednesday 30 July Club Pairs
Tuesday 29 July Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 29 July Tuesday Pairs
Monday 28 July Club Pairs
Friday 25 July Club Pairs
Thursday 24 July Supervised Play
Wednesday 23 July Club Pairs
Tuesday 22 July Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 22 July Tuesday Pairs
Monday 21 July Club Pairs
Friday 18 July Club Pairs
Wednesday 16 July Club Pairs
Tuesday 15 July Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 15 July Tuesday Pairs
Monday 14 June Nationwide Pairs Nationwide Pairs Site
Friday 11 July Club Pairs
Thursday 10 July Supervised Play
Wednesday 09 July Club Pairs
Tuesday 08 July Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 08 July Tuesday Pairs
Monday 07 July Club Pairs
Friday 04 July Club Pairs
Thursday 03 July Supervised Play
Wednesday 02 July Club Pairs
Tuesday 01 July Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 01 July Tuesday Pairs
Monday 30 June Club Pairs
Friday 27 June Club Pairs
Wednesday 25 June Nationwide Pairs Nationwide Pairs Site
Tuesday 24 June Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 24 June Tuesday Pairs
Monday 23 June Bill Hughes International Sim Pairs Bill Hughes International Pairs Site
Friday 20 June Club Pairs
Wednesday 18 June Wednesday Pairs
Tuesday 17 June Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 17 June Tuesday Pairs
Friday 13 June Club Pairs
Wednesday 11 June Wednesday Pairs
Tuesday 10 June Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 10 June Tuesday Pairs
Monday 09 June Club Pairs
Friday 06 June Nationwide Pairs Nationwide Pairs Site
Wednesday 04 June Club Pairs
Tuesday 03 June Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 03 June Tuesday Pairs
Monday 02 June Club Pairs
Friday 30 May Club Pairs
Wednesday 28 May Club Pairs
Tuesday 27 May Australia-Wide Novice Pairs Australia-Wide Novice Pairs Site
Tuesday 27 May Castlemaine Pairs
Monday 26 May Club Pairs
Friday 23 May Friday Autumn Pairs Overall
Friday 23 May Autumn Pairs (3of3)
Wednesday 21 May Wednesday Autumn Pairs Overall
Wednesday 21 May Wed Autumn Pairs (3of3)
Tuesday 20 May Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 20 May Tuesday Pairs
Monday 19 May Monday Autumn Pairs Overall
Monday 19 May Club Autumn Pairs (3of3)
Friday 16 May Autumn Pairs (2of3)
Wednesday 14 May Wed Autumn Pairs (2of3)
Tuesday 13 May Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 13 May Tuesday Pairs
Monday 12 May Club Autumn Pairs (2of3)
Friday 09 May Autumn Pairs (1of3)
Thursday 08 May Supervised Pairs
Wednesday 07 May Wed Autumn Pairs (1of3)
Tuesday 06 May Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 06 May Tuesday Pairs
Monday 05 May Club Autumn Pairs (1of3)
Friday 02 May Club Pairs
Wednesday 30 April Club Pairs
Tuesday 29 April Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 29 April Tuesday Pairs
Monday 28 April Club Pairs
Friday 25 April Club Pairs
Wednesday 23 April Nationwide Pairs Nationwide Pairs Site
Tuesday 22 April Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 22 April Tuesday Pairs
Monday 21 April Club Pairs
Friday 18 April Club Pairs
Wednesday 16 April Club Pairs
Tuesday 15 April Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 15 April Tuesday Pairs
Monday 14 April Club Pairs
Friday 11 April Victorian Simultaneous Pairs (3of3) Victorian Simultaneous Pairs Site
Wednesday 09 April Club Pairs
Tuesday 08 April Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 08 April Tuesday Pairs
Monday 07 April Club Pairs
Friday 04 April Victorian Simultaneous Pairs (2of3) Victorian Simultaneous Pairs Site
Wednesday 02 April Club Pairs
Tuesday 01 April Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 01 April Tuesday Pairs
Monday 31 March Nationwide Pairs Nationwide Pairs Site
Friday 28 March Victorian Simultaneous Pairs (1of3) Victorian Simultaneous Pairs Site
Wednesday 26 March Autumn Teams Combined Results
Wednesday 26 March Autumn Teams 2 of 2
Tuesday 25 March Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 25 March Tuesday Pairs
Monday 24 March Club Pairs
Friday 21 March Club Pairs
Wednesday 19 March Autumn Teams 1 of 2
Tuesday 18 March Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 18 March Tuesday Pairs
Monday 17 March Club Pairs
Friday 14 March Nationwide Pairs Nationwide Pairs Site
Wednesday 12 March Club Pairs
Tuesday 11 March Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 11 March Tuesday Pairs
Monday 10 March Club Pairs
Friday 07 March Club Pairs
Wednesday 05 March Club Pairs
Tuesday 04 March Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 04 March Tuesday Pairs
Monday 03 March Club Pairs
Friday 28 February Nationwide Pairs Nationwide Pairs Site
Wednesday 26 February Club Pairs
Tuesday 25 February Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 25 February Tuesday Pairs
Monday 24 February Club Pairs
Friday 21 February Club Pairs
Wednesday 19 February Club Pairs
Tuesday 18 February Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 18 February Tuesday Pairs
Monday 17 February Club Pairs
Friday 14 February Club Pairs
Wednesday 12 February Club Pairs
Tuesday 11 February Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 11 February Tuesday Pairs
Monday 10 February Nationwide Pairs Nationwide Pairs Site
Friday 07 February Club Pairs
Thursday 06 February Beginner Pairs
Wednesday 05 February Club Pairs
Tuesday 04 February Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 04 February Tuesday Pairs
Monday 03 February Club Pairs
Friday 31 January Club Pairs
Wednesday 29 January Club Pairs
Tuesday 28 January Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 28 January Tuesday Pairs
Monday 27 January Club Pairs
Friday 24 January Club Pairs
Thursday 23 January Supervised Play
Wednesday 22 January Club Pairs
Tuesday 21 January Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 21 January Tuesday Pairs
Monday 20 January Club Pairs
Friday 17 January Nationwide Pairs Nationwide Pairs Site
Wednesday 15 January Club Pairs
Tuesday 14 January Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 14 January Tuesday Pairs
Monday 13 January Club Pairs
Friday 10 January Club Pairs
Wednesday 08 January Club Pairs
Tuesday 07 January Castlemaine Pairs
Tuesday 07 January Tuesday Pairs
Monday 06 January Club Pairs
Friday 03 January Club Pairs